Year Long Sponsorship

Our year long sponsorship is our top tier advertising package! Your organization's name and logo will be included in multiple OCI advertising channels from February- December. 

The Year long sponsorship package includes:

  • Your logo on the front page of the Oklahoma Counseling Institute website indicating your organization as a sponsor. Our website receives approximately 1, 000 visitors per month, with a return rate of 75%. 
  • Your organization thanked by name during the introduction of every live webinar and live in-person event- approximately 25 events from March through December with an approximate reach of 1,000 Oklahoma mental health professionals.
  • Your logo included in every OCI email sent to over 4,000 Oklahoma mental health professionals from February though December announcing OCI events and thanking your organization for it’s sponsorship. An approximate total of 30 emails sent to over 4,000 mental health professionals with an open rate average of 30-40% (some of the highest open rates in the category)
  • A booth at the Oklahoma Counseling Institute’s Summer Super Summit.
  • A full page ad in the Summer Super Summit program.
  • Your logo included on a congratulatory letter or card mailed to every newly licensed Oklahoma LPC, LMFT, and LADC within two weeks of licensure.

ONLY FOUR OF THESE SPONSORSHIPS WILL BE AVAILABLE! This ensures that your organization will always get noticed!


Applications for yearly sponsorships are taken between December 1st and January 31st and are considered on a first come first served basis.

Yearly sponsorships are effective February 14th through December. 

Contact us at about how your organization can be a sponsor! 

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