Weekly Update: 5 Stories in Mental Health News February 8th

Posted By: Hayley Twyman Brack Clinical Practice,
a sticky note that reads "things to know"
A sticky note that reads, "things to know."

Oklahoma Licensing Board Regulations Define What Counts as “In-Person” for CEUs

New year, new regulations? Permanent Rule updates and COVID-era regulations have affected what counts as “in-person” CEUs for many Oklahoma mental health clinicians. Read more on the Oklahoma Counseling Institute.


A Lack of Resources in Oklahoma Forces Families to Look to Other States for Mental Health Treatment

In Oklahoma, parents of children with both developmental disability and mental healthcare needs are experiencing an increase in difficulty in finding treatment resources. According to the Oklahoma Healthcare Authority, in 2023 the state spent over $5 million on out-of-state mental healthcare treatment for children with developmental disability. Read more on The Frontier.


The United Nations Calls for “Massive Psychosocial Support” for Children in Gaza

The military intervention in Gaza has displaced much of Palestine and killed approximately 28,000 people. According to the UN, children in Gaza are at a significant risk of experiencing traumatic events, including witnessing kidnappings and death. Read more on US News.


Actress Jamie Lee Curtis Celebrates 25 Years of Sobriety

“Scream Queen” actress Jamie Lee Curtis, known for her roles in the Halloween franchise and The Bear, marked the 25th anniversary of her sobriety this week. Curtis has previously opened up about her past addiction to opioids and family history of substance use. Read more on ABC 7.


Ascension St. John Provides Virtual Reality De-Escalation Training

Tulsa’s Ascension St. John has employed the use of a virtual reality program to train its security officers on de-escalation in high-stress scenarios. A representative for the hospital reported that the simulator was secured through a grant and that they plan to partner with other area healthcare facilities to train their security personnel as well. Read more on News on 6.


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