Sponsor a Webinar or Workshop

Do you want to show off your organization's expertise? Well, we are always looking for great presenters! Why not have one of your mental health therapists present for an OCI workshop? 

If selected, your sponsored webinar or in-person workshop will include your mental health clinician presenting in an area of their expertise while also having the opportunity to discuss your agency's services. Your agency's name and/or logo will be included in all email and social media marketing for the webinar or workshop. In addition, if the webinar or workshop is recorded it will also be part of our on-demand catalogue. 

Check out a screen shot of a sponsored webinar we did with Tulsa's own Laureate!

This recorded webinar can be found in our on-demand catalogue here!

Between the live webinar and the on-demand course, hundreds of Oklahoma mental health professionals will be educated by these clinicans, as well as informed of Laureate's services and expertise in this area of treatment. 

For details on how your agency can sponsor a workshop email us at hello@edmondcounseling.com

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