In This Together: Therapy Groups Across Oklahoma Offer In-Person and Virtual Support

Posted By: Hayley Twyman Brack

a group of therapy clients sit in a circle and discuss

Pictured above: a group of therapy clients sit in a circle and discuss

For many, the holiday season can be a time of joy, connection, and celebration. Unfortunately, this time of the year can also bring about stress, an increase in triggering situations, and feelings of isolation for some. From eating disorder and substance abuse recovery, to transgender and caregiver support, thankfully there are many in-person and virtual processing and therapy groups occurring across the state that mental health clinicians may refer their clients to for additional support.


Substance Abuse

Holiday celebrations may present triggers to those in recovery. In a time of the year when support is much-needed, it is great to know that Oklahoma has many online and in-person substance abuse processing and therapy groups. Edmond Counseling & Professional Development’s own Micah Perkins, LPC, LADC is currently hosting a SMART Recovery group that meets weekly over Zoom. Jeffrey Jones, LPC LADC also hosts a weekly virtual SMART Recovery group.

There are also multiple Recovery Dharma groups taking place virtually or in-person in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The National Alliance on Mental Illness offers multiple virtual and in-person Connection Recovery support groups across the state as well. Lastly, Parents Helping Parents offers multiple meetings for caregivers of children and adolescents with substance abuse difficulties.


Disordered Eating

Holiday gatherings may also present triggers to those recovering from disordered eating. In Tulsa, Ryanne Mitchell, LPC and Gabrielle Emory, LPC each offer eating disorder recovery support groups. The Oklahoma Eating Disorders Association also lists multiple virtual eating disorder support groups for those in recovery, as well as family support and processing groups.


Family Support

December can bring about a significant increase in stress for Oklahoma families. Caregivers especially may find themselves needing more support to navigate the season. The National Alliance on Mental Illness also multiple virtual and in-person family and caregiver groups for those caring for loved ones with mental illness.

In Oklahoma City, Jessica Leigh Helmka, LADC-MH also facilitates a family support group for those supporting a loved one going through substance abuse recovery. Also in the metro, Mosaic Therapy hosts a regular parenting support group. In Tulsa, Jae Branston, LPC also facilitates the Magic City Moms support and processing group to discuss coping with parenting-related stressors. The Oklahoma Autism Network through the OU Health Sciences Center hosts many support groups across the state for children and caregivers of those with autism.


LGBTQIA+ Support

Unfortunately, the holiday season can be an isolating time for some transgender Oklahomans. In Tulsa, Taylor Burns, LCSW offers an in-person transgender support group. In Oklahoma City, Kelly Blair, LPC with The Diversity Center of Oklahoma offers regular groups for transgender individuals, along with groups for the loved ones supporting them. Lastly, Q Space through NorthCare offers weekly support meetings for teens and young adults in the LGBTQIA+ community.


Trauma and Grief

For some, the holidays can bring about painful reminders of loss and past experiences. Thankfully, there are multiple trauma and grief support and therapy groups taking place across the state. In Tulsa, the Tristesse Grief Center offers a Pregnancy and Infant Loss Group for those who have experienced miscarriage or stillbirth, along with multiple other no-cost groups, including sessions for those who have experienced grief through loss of a spouse or child or are the survivors of suicide. Also in Tulsa, Jae Banston, LPC offers a support and processing group for those experiencing COVID-related PTSD.

In Oklahoma City, Calm Waters offers support sessions for those who are facing grief, anticipatory grief, or pregnancy loss. Also in the metro, Clinton Patton, LPC facilitates a trauma recovery group while Tranquility Counseling Services offers a regular Seeking Safety PTSD and SA therapy group.

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