New Proposed Rules For Oklahoma LPC, LMFT, LADC, and CADC CEU Requirements

Posted By: Micah Perkins Licensure Board Updates,

Both the Oklahoma Board of Behavioral Health Licensure and the Oklahoma Board of Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors have recently released their "Notices of Rulemaking Intent".

Oklahoma Counseling Institute provides CEUs for Counselors   Pictured above: a therapist taking notes on a notepad while looking at a laptop.

In the Oklahoma Board of Behavioral Health's notice, the OBBHL proposed the following regarding LPC and LMFT CEU requirements.

  • Defining face-to-face learning as learning facilitated either in the physical presence of the presenter or during a live webinar (synchronous learning).
  • "Home study" or "technology-assisted distance learning" would be defined as learning facilitated during an on-demand course that is not live with the presenter (asynchronous learning).
  • Striking the requirement limiting continuing education accrued from home-study or technology-assisted distance learning courses to ten (10) hours per renewal period.
  • Striking the face-to-face requirement for ethics and annual counseling supervision (for LPC and LMFT supervisor status renewal).

The Oklahoma Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselors has proposed the following rule changes regarding CEUs for Oklahoma LADCs and CADCs:

  • An amendment to allow counselors to obtain all of their required continuing education through online services.
  • Defining "virtual" as a live webinar with a presenter and "online" as an on-demand or recorded training.



These rule changes would mean that Oklahoma LPCs, LMFTs, LADCs, and CADCs could complete ALL of their required CEU hours through live webinars, on-demand recorded courses, or in-person workshops.

Currently, these changes are open for public comment. According to Richard Pierson, the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Board of Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors further legislative action is needed before rule changes would go into effect sometime in the Summer or Fall of 2023.

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