OBBHL Now Accepting CEU Provider Applications

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a therapist lectures to a group of colleagues

Pictured above: a therapist lectures to a group of colleagues

During its regularly scheduled board meeting on Feb 11, 2022, the Oklahoma Board of Behavioral Health Licensure finalized its newest plan to address problems with its continuing education approval processes.

Over the past several months, the OBBHL has been investigating the possibility of implementing an "approved continuing education provider model." By having continuing education providers, the board would no longer be burdened with having to vote and approve individual technology-based webinars or pre-approve in-person ethics and supervision workshops.

For ideas, the OBBHL reached out to the Oklahoma State Board of Licensed Social Workers and to the Oklahoma Board of Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors. Both state boards utilize an approved continuing education model for Oklahoma LCSWs and Oklahoma LADCs and CADCs, respectively. 

The OBBHL adapted several policies from both boards, especially from the OSBLSW, in putting together their own policies.

 However, unlike both the OSBLSW and the OBLADC the OBBHL chose to not require that an extensive application be completed. For both the OSBLSW and the OBLADC a packet requiring the applicant to submit sample workshop outlines, sign-in sheets, certificates, vitas of presenters, and a signed attestation is required. In addition, both the OSBLSW and the OBLADC require that an application fee be submitted and that the organization must resubmit an application each year to maintain its approved CEU provider status.

In contrast, the OBBHL CEU provider application is a much shorter online form. Although the applicant attests to statements by clicking on the required fields, no electronic signature is required. In addition, due to state regulations prohibiting the OBBHL from instituting new fees, there is no fee to apply to become an approved OBBHL CEU provider. Last, the board decided to not require CEU providers to re-apply yearly as to save office staff time.

With renewal not required, OBBHL CEU providers will be approved indefinitely, unless their status is revoked by the board due to a policy violation. Currently, there is no appeal process in place.

It is unclear at this time how the OBBHL will ensure that their CEU provider list remains current and that old, no longer existent providers will be vetted out. 

The OBBHL CEU provider process is scheduled to start July 1, 2022. With this new process, the OBBHL has moved from being arguably the most difficult CEU approval process for providers to navigate among the three boards to the most lax.

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