ODAPCA Welcomes New Executive Director

Posted By: Hayley Twyman Brack Resources,

Elexis Tyler-Wood, Executive Director of ODAPCA

Pictured above: Elexis Tyler-Wood, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Drug and Alcohol Professional Counselors Association

The new Executive Director of the Oklahoma Drug and Alcohol Professional Counselors Association has a familiar name.

Last November, ODAPCA was proud to welcome Elexis Tyler-Wood back to the organization. Ms. Tyler-Wood served as the Executive Assistant of ODAPCA for over two years as she completed her graduate training in Social Work. Since leaving in 2021, she has achieved the credential of becoming a Licensed Master of Social Work and strives to rely on her training and previous experience with ODAPCA to bring about growth and change for the organization over the next five years.

As an LMSW, Ms. Tyler-Wood believes it is important to view individuals and organizations through a Systems Theory lens. Using this perspective, she believes, “This allows you to look not only at the individual but the systems that play a role in shaping that individuals outlook. When working with others this has allowed me to have more patience and to see more of a bigger picture when it pertains to ODAPCA’s roles and how we fit into the system that those we interact with are experiencing. Understanding our role and growing to fit the needs of every area that we are a part of is a major goal of mine for this organization.”

Through knowledge gained from her previous experience as ODAPCA’s Executive Assistant, Ms. Tyler-Wood aims to keep the organization in line with its core values as it moves into the future. In her new role as Executive Director, she will also strive to expand the role of the organization to support ODAPCA members and, as a result, the Oklahomans they serve. Elexis Tyler-Wood sees the impact and potential of ODAPCA and is eager to foster its growth through continuing education opportunities, advocacy, and more.

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