Green Shoe Opens New Facility in Guthrie

Posted By: Hayley Twyman Brack Resources,

Earlier this month, the Green Shoe Foundation opened its doors to the community and welcomed a bright future in mental health. The Green Shoe Foundation is a non-profit organization that hosts week-long intensive outpatient retreats for individuals seeking awareness and understanding of unhealthy relational patterns and their own trauma history. The retreats are facilitated by licensed mental health professionals, who aim to give trauma-informed support to attendees by allowing them to process their past as the therapist provides therapeutic tools to assist in building their future.  

The Green Shoe Foundation, which was founded by Paycom CEO Chad Richardson, has hosted more than 200 retreats since 2016. Their newest location at 9601 South Portland Avenue in Guthrie is an expansive 400-acre property surrounded by rolling fields and complete with a serene private pond. Between group therapy and educational seminars, attendees may spend their time reflecting in the meditation gardens that weave through the retreat center or embrace their inner child on a swing that overlooks the water.

Along with a new administrative office and education building, the Green Shoe Foundation also unveiled the expansive retreat center. The facility provides office space for up to 12 mental health clinicians and multiple inviting group rooms, each complete with comfortable chairs adorned with plush pillows and an array of stuffed animals. Executive Director Stephany Cochrane and the entire team at the Green Shoe Foundation are thrilled to usher in this new era for the organization and to continue to support attendees on their journeys of healing and growth.